To all those
who never bleed
may I have a few words
to plant a seed

of empathy

Around five hundred menstruations
make almost thirty liters of blood
within seven years of our lives
in which we excrete the red flood

Before we get rid of
what needs to go out
some of us are called “hysterical”
so let me have that shout:

True, we might feel
sad, tired or depressed
melancholic, sensitive
puffy and terribly stressed

Our mood comes as part
of our hormonal nature but
by no means this makes us
an irrational danger

We might experience the world
more intense in these days
but what touches now more
is there anyways

So stop ignoring our reality
and in case you wanna help out
rather try to understand
what this time is about

The pain raises slowly,
It comes in waves to stay
with its cramps, pulls and stitches
for hours or even more than a day

It radiates to our lower back
that, by the way, hurts like hell
crawls down to our legs which
might feel numb but still not well

To protect our wounded womb
we curl up in a bearable fetal position –
Keep together what is tearing apart
comes as an aching monthly mission

While some have to throw up
others might need to shit
as muscle tensions fall apart
which makes it hard even to sit

Blood comes in tiny drops
or as an irresistible flood, riddled
with shredded pieces
of an eliminated egg
that mucilaginous
and in a beautiful red
pours down the side
of a lady’s leg

It also occurs that
we faint from pain

none of this happens

Blood ist ein Werk aus dem Projekt AnotherAnthology eines jungen Kölner Künstlerkollektivs, das Illustration und Lyrik miteinander verbindet. Im Herbst 2021 wurden erstmals einzelne Publikationen aus dem 2020 gestarteten Projekt veröffentlicht. Eine gedruckte Publikation ist für Anfang 2022 geplant.

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