I never met her or knew her because she died ages ago but surely I admire her so I researched everything about her. This is a project homaging Lucinda, a persona of Corfu town that lived, breathed and walked with excellence.

Lucinda wore a lot of makeup during her life. Her sad eyebrows reminded of the silver screen actress, Clara Bow in the 20s and her lips were identical with Lucille Balls, hollywoods Golden era movie star in the 40s. Her hair was in finger wave style and her rouge was in the same red shade like her lips so she can be as youthful as possible. Of course she had a big mole as a beauty trade mark like Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s.

Lucinda’s style was undeniable extravagant, eccentric and punk in a way for me. She used to wear scarves like a pirate with huge golden earrings to decorate her ears. Also her accessories were a huge part of her style. Across the road, when you saw Lucinda walking down the street, you could hear the jingles of her bracelets and necklaces. Long necklaces and tie beneath her neck sleeve. Many ties in different colors and prints were her signature piece. She loved colors. Her pants were always in prints and multi colors. Her style was mix and match and very often she was using color blocking. Most times she was wearing a mariner t-shirt with a big collar to cover her broad shoulders and a big scarf to hide her age shaped neck. 

Her name was given by the people of the town who were mocking her. This fascinating old lady whose walking was limp like, was given the name Lucinda after a ship that was sailing at the wild Ionian Sea. In fact she exaggerated her disability in purpose and that shaped her image.

Many local people did not realize how deeply cultured person she was and underestimated her presence in the island. But Lucinda was a smart cookie for sure. She was so punk to cry out a big FUCK you to all the ignorants. She was wearing whatever she liked, no regrets, no apologies. She was free and celebrated everyday. 

Style is not something trendy or cool, it’s a way of living, an identity, an expression and something very personal. Its eternal, like the time. Lucinda knew the limitations of life, therefore she celebrated every single day.

This is not only a project about fashion, but it’s also about how a human creates a personal world to survive in this cynical world. So we can create and recreate the line of our worlds to protect ourselves. Personas like Lucinda should cover an exclusive space of Greek fashion history. Because at the end of the day, above the tight finger waves and the shining golden earrings, the most important thing is your brave heart that beats faster than the people who want to harm you for your individuality. 

PS: This is for every boy, girl and everything in between, who are called Lucinda everyday in the streets.

And for all the queer icons of our country that we never knew.

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Text und Fotografien © Vinylios „Lucinda“ 2021

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